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heat sinks in bars, catalogue, mechanical machining is carried out on aluminum profiles to obtain ready-to-use heat sinks for electronics. Heat sinks can also be supplied with fixing pins that can be welded to the electronic board, as an alternative to the pins, these pre-holes can be used to fix the heat sink to the PCB using self-threading screws.
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code art. FM841 : Aluminum heat sinks in bars

CODE ART.841: heat sink in EN AW 6060 aluminum alloy usually supplied in bars of 4 meters, or cut to size and machined to design, anodic oxidation in various colors is also possible on this aluminum profile


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Omar srl: Milan-based company specializing in the supply and trade of extruded drawn aluminum profiles in bars, rods, raw or anodized; heat sinks for electronics; commercial extruded aluminum bars (angular, grooved, flat, tube, L), special and custom made. Furthermore, modular aluminum profiles for robotics, hydraulic distributors, pneumatics, actuators, profiles for stands, extruded profiles for shipyards, aluminum profiles for mechatronics, linear movements, aluminum extrusions for skirting boards / baseboards / covings, extrusions for printing blades , extrusions for photovoltaic / heating systems, aluminum extrusions for LED strips, polycarbonate covers for LED strips, aluminum profiles for illuminated signs, extrusions for electronic board containers for panel instruments, extruded aluminum profiles for street furniture, aluminum profiles aluminum for armored heating elements / heaters and machining of aluminum profiles.

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