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Omar srl: Production and sale of heat sinks for electronics.

Heat sinks - Aluminum heat sinks for electronics - Extruded heat sinks - Peltier cellsradiators for electronics - Passive electronic components - Cooling fins. Our heat sinks for electronics made from drawn extruded profile profiles are in aluminum alloy (6060, 6063, 6005, 6082), raw, anodized, painted, in bars of variable length from 4 to 6 meters and beyond on customer request .

Our extensive range of aluminum heat sinks is meticulously designed and crafted to meet the diverse needs of various industries, from consumer electronics to industrial applications .

All profiles / profiles are produced according to the European standards EN-755-9 .

Omar srl boasts over thirty years of presence in the market of extruded / drawn aluminum profiles for heat sinks, radiators for electronics, having a vast assortment from stock, for countless industrial, artisanal and commercial sectors.

Below we indicate some types of extruded aluminum present in the Pero warehouse (Milan) or produced on customer request (Custom): standard profiles, special profiles, profiles for robotics, profiles for heat sinks, profiles for electric motor casings, profiles for electric power resistances, profiles for DIN43700 electronic card holders, profiles for LED lighting, profiles for photovoltaic / heating systems, illuminated signs, electromedical equipment, luminaries.

In addition to the supply of extruded profiles / drawn elements ready in stock or produced according to the customer's design, Omar srl takes care of the mechanical machining of these profiles on request from the customer, having the following facilities:

- 3 automated cutting lines for profiles, even of large dimensions, with miter saws equipped with blades with a diameter of 650mm
- mechanical machining department made up of CNC machines and traditional machine tools for small series machining

We have solutions for thermal management of electronic components ( aluminum profiles for heat sinks ) such as:

-transistor : aluminum heat sinks

-led chip power: flower type heat sinks (round)

-triacs, mosfets, diodes electronic power boards, power amplifiers: high performance heat sinks

- power resistors: large heat sinks

aluminum cooling fin for electronicsheat sinks for power electronicsflower heat sink for ledmechanical workings on heat sinksround heat sinks for leds
comb aluminum profileslarge heat sinks

Complete range of our aluminum profiles available on the website:

The range of our aluminum profiles for electronics can be consulted through the following links:

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About Us

Omar srl: Milan-Italy based company specializing in the supply and trade of extruded drawn aluminum profiles in bars, rods, raw or anodized; heat sinks for electronics; commercial extruded aluminum bars (angular, grooved, flat, tube, L), special and custom made. Furthermore, modular aluminum profiles for robotics, hydraulic distributors, pneumatics, actuators, profiles for stands, extruded profiles for shipyards, aluminum profiles for mechatronics, linear movements, aluminum extrusions for skirting boards / baseboards / covings, extrusions for printing blades , extrusions for photovoltaic / heating systems, aluminum extrusions for LED strips, polycarbonate covers for LED striuba, aluminum profiles for illuminated signs, extrusions for electronic board containers for panel instruments, extruded aluminum profiles for street furniture, aluminum profiles aluminum for armored heating elements / heaters and machining of aluminum profiles. Aluminium heat sink for:

-DE (Germany)

-ES (Spain)

-FR (France)

-PL (Poland)

-RO (Romania)


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